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AIRFREE 2M HVLS Wall Fan with PMSM Motor

Airfree series is a high-volume fan that can be ceiling and wall-mounted developed by Kale. The total height is 2m, and the air can be oriented according to site requirements. The fan blades are driven by PMSM with large output. In the hot summer, the Airfree series can bring a cooling effect equivalent to more than 20 sets of small fans, which can be applied to most complex environments.

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Airfree Series Kale Fans is a wall-mounted energy saving fan with PMSM motor, diameter 1.5-2m, which can provide ultra-long air blowing, the effective distance is more than 36m, so one fan can cover a whole basketball court. Airfree Series Kale Fans is mainly used in both industrial, commercial and stock farming spaces.Ultra-long air supply distance, wind speed effective distance exceeds 24m, can cover more than half of basketball court length.

Suspended ceiling and wall hanging installation, which can be supplied according to the needs of the site environment. The total fan power is 0.4kW, the energy consumption is very low, and it costs only a few dollars to run the whole day. The noise is very low, the noise level is 43dB, and the conversation sound near the fan will not be affected when the fan is running.PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor drives fan blades, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, fan can be freely controlled, easy to operate.Protection class IP55, overall waterproof, can run normally in wet weather in rainy days; easy to clean.

Eurus Ⅲ Ceiling Fan (2)

Technical Parameters

Airfree Series Wall Mounted Fan (1)

Basketball court for comparison

Airfree Series Wall Mounted Fan (3)

The wind speed in each area is variable, and the shaded part represents the cooling range of the wind speed; the darker the shade color, the higher the wind speed in this range.
The air supply distance exceeds the length of most half basketball courts, reaching more than 24m;




Air volume

Max speed

Fan weight


Full load current

Noise level

Protection level










1.Weight calculation: The weight of the main body does not include the control box, extension tube, top connection parts, etc.
2.Product diameter: listed above is the product standard diameter, other specifications need to be customized.
3.Input power: single phase 220V ± 10%
4.Drive motor: PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor).

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