KALE FANS in Cross Fit

This is our customer’s fitness center, we could see a lot of fitness person here. The space is very hot and it’s hard to focus on fitness for guys. This customer found many ways to ventilate and cool the gym but no good effect. With great luck, he found our KALE fans, we installed KALE FANS for him, more and more people come to here and when the space is comfortable, he turns off our KALE FANS and it also an energy saving way.

This customer always share his business to us and he is gonna open a few more gyms and decided to buy our KALE FANS, what a wise decision. We sincerely hope that his performance will be better and better and we will cooperate more and more, we also suggested him to become our agent and we don’t believe he will turn down this good opportunity.

KALE FANS, China largest HVLS ceiling fans supplier and focus on commercial and industrial ceiling fans, if you are interested in our KALE FANS, don’t hesitate to contact us freely.

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